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Paul is a fantastic upholstery teacher. He has endless patience and good humour. He teaches in a way that is very encouraging and supportive, but still making you do the challenge yourself. He has a vast knowledge of upholstery and can help you learn from a simple drop seat dining chair to a chesterfield sofa and anything else that comes up in between.
I’ve been so lucky to have been taught by Paul. Started off with a teacher and ended up with a friend.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

I have know Paul for around 3 years since meeting him as a Tutor during my Upholstery business course. 

Paul is someone who I'll always call upon for help with my Upholstery. he's supremely knowledgeable, patient and generous with his time for everyone. During my time at the Upholstery school, he was unfazed by any query or situation. He'd go out of his way to ensure that you fully understood what you were doing as well as practically demonstrating a skill and watching you repeat it too. 

Paul's template for his costings spreadsheet has proven to be incredibly useful, I still use a version of it for every job I quote. 

Even on specific client projects that I'd work on once I'd finished my course, if I ever rented a studio space there, he'd seek you out for a natter and check that you were comfortable with your commission, taking a genuine interest in each project. A few before and after pictures are attached of chairs that he assisted me with.

Personally, I found him kind, funny and really good company too. I've got a lot of time for him!


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

What Paul doesn’t know about upholstery is impossible to fathom! As a tutor in upholstery he has an innate ability to put you at ease, to explain, assist and demonstrate the most challenging of processes with clarity, good humour and patience. I cannot thank him enough for the help he has given to me over the years, and continues to do. He is friendly and quick witted as a person, and this translates to making learning fun. A real star.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

An excellent tutor, with effective mentoring skills. Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the upholstery trade.
His teaching is clear and concise with the added bonus of great humour.
He is able to coach the student through giving both praise and direction when required. He gives his students the confidence to 'have a go' knowing that he will be there to help. A great teacher, fun to be with and lasting advice for budding upholsterers. His mantra "Don't mess it up"! stays with you at every fabric cut!

Dr Andrew Coleman

Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

Paul has taught me from my first day of picking up a hammer to learn upholstery.   His in depth knowledge, enthusiasm and support, together with his fun sense of humour gave me the confidence to believe I could grasp any new skill or problem in the world of upholstery! Thanks Paul


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

Paul is a great teacher. He explains things clearly and is really patient even if you ask the same question several times. He is also more than happy to demonstrate techniques and gives you plenty of encouragement but will also tell you when somethings not right and explain how to rectify it which increases your learning


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

"From the start of being taught, Paul was a welcoming teacher and eased you into your learning. It was clear he had a wealth of knowledge through his confident and quick paced but relaxed teaching style. 

In both practical workshop time and theory classes, Paul was able to deliver clear and concise information about upholstery, whilst still making it interactive and enjoyable. 

From knowing little about upholstery, I left my course with a whole new skill set and the confidence to go forwards and start my own business. 

Paul has continued to be an extremely helpful and reliable source for if ever I get stuck when practicing upholstery independently. 

In all, Paul has been an invaluable, motivational and loyal teacher and mentor."


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

What Paul doesn't know about upholstery isn't worth knowing. Generous to a fault and always has something up his sleeve for any  tricky fix you find yourself up against. 

Paul is a natural teacher and always gets straight to the point. He takes complex processes and techniques and breaks them down and conveys them in a clear and precise manner. 

He continues to be a great mentor; helping me not just to simply watch and learn but to ask the right questions and think for myself. 

More than this he is always a pleasure to be around and has helped me to see my achievements and feel proud. 

Thank you Paul. It's a privilege to have you as a mentor.

~ Jo, The Dandy Chair

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Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

When I trained up for Upholstery I was very lucky to be taught by Paul. Paul is very knowledgeable about all aspects of upholstery, he is a fantastic teacher and has gone above and beyond to help out with projects that I’ve been working on, he has been on hand via texts and phone calls when I’ve found my self stuck on something. Thank you so much Paul.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

Paul was my tutor during my business course. We got on very well. He has a wealth of expertise and very high standards and at the same time manages to boost people’s confidence with his positive comments and attitude. 
I liked his short, clear instructions and the fact that further in the course he stimulated me to think for myself and left room for initiative. It gave me the confidence to try things because I knew he had my back. With his dry humour and typical sayings he creates a great atmosphere for learning.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

It is such a joy to understand how to create from start to finish an upholstered piece of furniture, and to be taught by Paul just adds to the experience. What this man doesn’t know about the upholstery industry is not worth knowing. Paul is a true master of his craft. A fantastic teacher with the patience of a saint.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

“Paul put me at ease right from day one.  Sharing his many, many talents
along the way, he gave me the confidence to set up on my own and he’s
been there every step of the way!!”


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

Learning upholstery under Paul's wings was a great experience!
Paul's passion for upholstery is so strong that every time he is passing on his knowledge, you can't get enough of it.
I feel lucky that I have been taught by Paul, he always goes above and beyond.

His expertise is second to none and you feel confident you're in the best hands!

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone. His quick thinking and witty personality would be a highlight to your upholstery world.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial
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Paul helped me with my first upholstery project, a wing back that when stripped back looked like it has been cobbled together by a 5 year old! To make matters worse I hadn’t saved any of the original fabric to make templates from.  Paul guided me through each step, always very patient , even though I must have asked him to repeat everything at last twice !!
He is very knowledgeable about all things upholstery and a great teacher . I’m looking forward to learning more from his website !


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

Paul was a fantastic teacher as part of my upholstery business course. He is a fountain of upholstery knowledge and I felt I learnt a lot of great skills from him, he also really helped me build my confidence and get me to a stage of being able to think with my own initiative. He was always eager to help in anyway way he could even if it was answering queries outside of usual classroom hours and he is still my go to guru for answers today!


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

Paul helped me from a novice upholsterer to having my own successful business. He was there to help every step of the way but also let you make your own mistakes, which is always the best way to learn! I turned up one day with the idea of a massive shell chair which everybody else said was too complex but Paul helped make it happen. This chair is now one of the main elements of my business and definitely a conversation starter. Without a shadow of doubt I wouldn’t be where I am now, and would’ve given up a long time ago, without Paul.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

"Paul taught me practically everything I know about Upholstery. His knowledge about every aspect of it is huge and he passes it on with endless patience and plenty of humour!
I try to finish all of my pieces with the same high quality he taught me. I am now running a successful business and it is Paul’s tuition I have to thank for this."


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Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

I was lucky enough to have Paul as my tutor during my upholstery training. He was very patient and knowledgeable but what was important to me was that he took time to explain each stage and why it was important and how it fitted in to the overall construct of the pieces I was making.Whilst it is never good to hear 'let's take that bit down and start again' it actually meant that I learned to recognise when I had made mistakes and how to correct that to ensure the quality of my work. Paul is a friendly and approachable trainer and i learned so much from him.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial

Paul is a brilliant teacher with a fabulous sense of humour. I can’t thank him enough for his teaching skills, and sharing of knowledge during my upholstery course, and more so now, as I know he is always there to support and advise a fledgling upholsterer. Here are just a couple of projects that wouldn’t have happened without him. Thank you, Paul!in' it actually meant that I learned to recognise when I had made mistakes and how to correct that to ensure the quality of my work. Paul is a friendly and approachable trainer and i learned so much from him.


Student testimonials and Gallery: Testimonial
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To overcome geographical differences, our students and staff work tirelessly towards creating a stronger and more supportive community. Being part of Patch Perfect modern upholstery consultant means more than just a high quality education - it means connecting with students from all over the world, and gaining an even greater global knowledge and appreciation.

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