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Qualities of a good coach (mentor)


Think back to the people in your life who have recognised your potential and used their talents to help you discover and shape your own.

My influences have come from my journey as a football coach and developed me into a coach with an holistic approach to professional development.

I have had the pleasure to be mentored by some great individuals during my time as a football coach including an FA cup winning captain, World cup internationals and Premiership and football league managers all great colleagues along the way.

Therefore my own experience in Developing people as allowed me to transfer my skills in a totally different sector, I also look to create Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for my Upholstery students to create a personal,customised path that is specifically built for their goals,skill level and pace.

Each and every person requires a mentor for the development of their own specific individual learning plan. I like to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop students to become not only good upholsterers but good people.

I try to make learning Fun and this reflects my teaching style.

I would say my qualities include being supportive, enthusiastic, positive, trusting, focused, observant, respectful, goal-orientated, knowledgeable, patient and a clear communicator.

I like to think of my self as The Peoples Person.

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